VCT 2024: Exciting Changes Await Valorant Fans!

VCT 2024: Exciting Changes Await Valorant Fans!

Hello, all of you Valorant fans! Get ready for the exciting world of VCT 2024 to start. Riot Games has already told players that a lot of fun changes are coming this season. We can break it down so that everyone can understand!

Say hello to The Guard, Gentle Mates, and Bleed Esports.

The names of the teams are Bleed Esports, Gentle Mates, and The Guard. When it comes to Valorant, these three teams are making a lot of noise. These groups are now part of the VCT-aligned team, which is good news for how well they do in the coming seasons. Get ready to cheer for your favorite teams!

VCT 2024 will have a challenger, grassroots, and international organization.

There will be three rounds in the VCT 2024 tournament: International+Global, Tier-2/Challengers, and Tier-3/Grassroots/Premier. The International League has two-week stages. The top eight teams move on to the next round of the Masters Madrid and Masters Shanghai, two well-known tournaments. There will be more action and excitement. Get ready to be amazed!

III. Where and when: VCT 2024 times and places

Remember the times! In February 2024, the first game of the International League will take place. March, the first Masters event takes place in Madrid, Spain. In May, the second one will be held in Shanghai, China. The main event for the championship? This is the year 2024! This year there are going to be a lot of fun things.

A Full Guide to Riot’s New Way of Handling Valorant Championship Points

Riot’s new Championship Points change the way the game goes, just like Dota 2’s DPC points did. How many points a team gets is based on how well they do in global and international games. The 16 best teams from International League 2 will move on to Champions 2024. Which person always gives their best effort? That is the most important question.

Affiliate partnerships with VCT 2024: market leaders and the power to adapt

A new rule has been put in place! Affiliate Partnerships will be added by Riot’s VCT team in 2024. Teams in Tiers 1 and 2 can trade or loan players to other teams now that the season has started. Think of the worst thing that could happen! The season is already not clear, and this rule makes things even less certain by making the game more flexible.

China is where the Valorant Champions Tour 2024 starts.

The Chinese economy is getting better! Because their campaign in 2023 went well, China has finally joined the VCT. China plans to host the second Masters in 2024 and also start its own league that same year. Valorant has agreed that China is a real league. Along with the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and EMEA areas, it becomes an official league. China is going through big changes, and that’s just the start!

In the end, the 2024 Valorant Champions Tour will have more teams, more energy, and more chances. You will be able to see the activity all year long with SLOT SERVER THAILAND. You really should go on this ride!